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When you need advice as to how to proceed on a patent matter, whether it be the patentability of an idea or the ability to freely operate under a new method or freely sell a new device without infringing a third party’s patent, the attorneys at Klintworth & Rozenblat IP are ideally suited to advise you.   


Our attorneys have extensive experience in rendering opinions and providing counsel on issues such as the patentability of an idea, providing an analysis of the patent landscape in a particular field, determining whether or not you may freely practice or sell a certain product or idea, helping you to design a product around a competitor's intellectual property, managing complex patent portfolios, and litigation.  We regularly partner with our clients’ legal, business, and technical staffs to identify the potential for risk and reward, from idea to revenue-generating portfolios, by addressing patentability, patent validity, enforceability, misuse, design-around issues, licensing potential, intellectual property contract construction and enforcement, and other intellectual property issues.


We can help you with any issue which arises after a patent issues.  There are various mechanisms after a patent issues which can be used to challenge a patent's validity or to correct an error in the patent.  One powerful mechanism, known as post grant review, allows a third party to challenge the patentability of an issued patent as long as the challenge is filed within a set time of a patent’s issuance or reissuance.  Our attorneys are well versed in these areas and can provide you with solutions to certain issues even after a patent has issued.  Whether it be counseling on issues that arise before, during, or after a patent has been filed or issued, we have the expertise to assist you. 

Patent Counseling & Post-Grant. 

Counseling on All Patent matters. 
Our attorneys have extensive experience in rendering opinions and providing counsel on intellectual property issues ranging from the patentability of an idea, to the ability to freely practice or sell a product or idea, to helping with issues that arise after a patent is granted. We have you covered. 

All-Star Team Members with Experience in Patent Counseling & Post-Grant:

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Bao Tran, Esq.

Of Counsel
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