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Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. 

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. 


Klintworth & Rozenblat IP’s Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals group is ready to serve your Biotech needs. Having experience in the following specific areas of expertise, our attorneys will help you deal with your challenging intellectual property needs.


Specific Areas of Expertise

additives; antibiotics; antibodies; anti-cancer drugs; antifungals; anti-virals; assays; bioenergy; biofuels; bioinformatics; biotechnologies; bone-resorption inhibitors; drug formulations; edible products; enzymes; gene-based therapies; genes; genomics; industrial processes; nucleic acids; nucleoside viral inhibitors; nucleotides; oligonucleotide multiplex assays; organic catalysts and enzymes; organic synthesis; osteoporosis; parathyroid hormones; peptides; pharmaceuticals (small molecules and biologics); plant biochem and biotechnology; proteins; reagents; recombinant biologics; seed biotechnology; stem cells

All-Star Team Members with Experience in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals:

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