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All-Star Team.
Our all-star team of attorneys, each having graduated from top universities, each having worked at renowned law firms, and each having "partner level" experience, deliver top notch work product. 

A Different Kind of IP Law Firm.

Law Firm Reinvented.
Combining a reduced overhead structure and an all-star team of attorneys along with a national footprint, we have redefined the way a boutique law firm operates. 
Representative Clientele.
Having worked for some of the largest and most well-known companies and universities in the world, you can trust that we have the experience to handle any project. 


Klintworth & Rozenblat IP is an intellectual property law firm based on the concept that obtaining high-quality intellectual property protection should not have to be prohibitively expensive.


In today’s economy, the world’s top companies are placing increasing emphasis on hiring highly skilled, experienced intellectual property attorneys at more affordable prices. It is our belief that large law firms are not ideally suited to meet these needs. Large law firms typically have large overhead, high billing-rates, and siphon work down to inexperienced lawyers without adequate training and supervision. Klintworth & Rozenblat IP was formed with an All-Star Team model to avoid these problems in order to meet the needs of our clients and provide top-notch intellectual property services at reasonable fees.


Utilizing the latest in technology combined with a no-nonsense attitude, we are able to operate efficiently with low overhead passing on substantial cost savings to our clients. Our motto is “big firm lawyers at small firm prices.” This is what we call Law Firm Reinvented. Applying this model we have represented some of the most cutting edge Clientele.


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