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Managed Litigation Approach. 
When cost is an issue, and when adverse results can be catastrophic for your company, Klintworth & Rozenblat IP can provide you with a managed approach to litigation which will not only save you money but lead to more desirable outcomes for your company.


Intellectual property litigation is extremely costly.  With exceedingly complex legal issues at stake and the average litigator not often understanding the technology or the law or both, costs can not only run high, but the outcomes may not be desirable for your company. 


If a core technology of yours is at issue, an adverse result could be catastrophic for your company.  Klintworth & Rozenblat IP attorneys are adept at providing a cost-effective, managed approach to intellectual property litigation counseling to meet your needs. With experts in a variety of technology fields, and having many years of litigation counseling experience, you can trust the attorneys at Klintworth & Rozenblat IP to develop and execute a strategy that will lead to an efficient and successful resolution.


If cost is an issue, we have solutions that will not break the bank. This along with our extensive expertise in intellectual property and technology makes using our attorneys a no-brainer for your intellectual property litigation needs. 

Litigation Counseling. 

All-Star Team Members with Experience in Litigation Counseling:

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Bao Tran, Esq.

Of Counsel
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