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Eric D. Cohen, Esq.


direct: 773.966.2768  main: 773.570.3330  fax: 773.570.3328  


Practice Groups & Technologies: CopyrightsLicensing; Patent Prep & Prosecution

Patent Counseling & Post-GrantTrademarks & Unfair CompetitionComputers, Software, & Business Methods; Electronics, Semiconductors, & OpticsMechanical Devices; Medical Devices


Office: Chicago


Mr. Cohen has over twenty-five years of experience in the patent field, and twelve years of experience as a practicing engineer. Mr. Cohen focuses his practice primarily on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the electrical, computer science, and mechanical arts. 


Mr. Cohen counsels clients on all aspects of their intellectual property portfolio, including developing patent strategies and opinion work. Mr. Cohen has prepared over one-hundred opinions, including novelty opinions, non-infringement opinions and invalidity opinions relating to both utility patents and design patents. Mr. Cohen has prepared numerous opinions of infringement as part of due diligence and pre-filing investigation for litigation. Mr. Cohen also has also experience in preparing and prosecuting trademark applications along with counseling clients on trademark portfolios and providing opinions regarding use and registration of trademarks.



Mr. Cohen’s trademark practice includes preparation of trademark opinions, client counseling, and trademark prosecution, including filing and prosecuting trademark applications. As part of prosecution, Mr. Cohen conducts internal searches and commissions external searches to determine the availability of marks both nationally and internationally. To assist in international prosecution, Mr. Cohen uses a network of foreign associates throughout the world to assist with his Trademark practice. Additionally, Mr. Cohen counsels clients to develop branding strategies and programs for trademark enforcement.



■ "U.S. Preliminary Injunction Granted Though French Counterpart Invalidated," Managing Intellectual Property IP Strategy Yearbook.





■ "Written Description, Enablement, and Best Mode," educational seminar presented to LG Display, Seoul, South Korea.

 "Building A Global IP Portfolio," educational seminar presented to Zhuhai Intellectual Property Office and Innopat Law Office, Zhuhai, China.

■ "Building A Global IP Portfolio," educational seminar presented to Guangzhou Department of Science & Technology, Guangzhou, China.
■ "The Impact of Bilski on Business Method Patents," presented to the Hawaii Bar Association.
 "Patent Claims, Patent Specification and Section 112, and Patent Drawings," educational seminar presented to Huawei Corporation, Shenzhen, China.
■ "Patent Claims and Patent Specification and Section 112," educational seminar presented to BYD Auto, Shenzhen, China.
■ "PCT and Comparative Patent Practice," John Marshall Law School presentation, Chicago, Illinois.


■ Electrical Technology: antenna systems, antenna beam steering, microwave devices, digital signal processing, digital filtering, finite impulse response filters (FIR), adaptive signal enhancement systems, telecommunications equipment, frequency hopping local area networks, phase-shifting networks, cellular telephone systems, communications systems, echo suppression, digital and analog electronics, navigation systems, telemetry devices, GPS systems, voice-over IP (VoIP), call center technology, phased-array optical devices, semiconductor lasers, semiconductor fabrication, disk drives, cache memory systems, audio applications, RFID, hybrid electric vehicles and propulsion, flat panel and touch panel displays, NAND flash memory systems, memory management and wear-leveling applications, digital cameras, lens optics, capacitive discharge ignition systems, electronic motor braking systems, lighting and home automation systems, inductively coupled power charging systems, power tool control circuits, industrial control systems, vehicle tracking and license plate recognition systems; 


■ Software Technology: language parsers, internet applications, internet search query methods, locomotive traction control systems, computer applications, XML-based enterprise systems, service-oriented architecture (SOA), anti-virus and malware applications; 


■ Mechanical Technology: motors and generators, high speed document/mail sorting and routing systems, vehicle carburetor systems, hydrogen gas generators, lithium storage batteries, camera lens systems, automated industrial equipment, golf swing analyzers, sporting and exercise equipment, heavy equipment, automotive structural components, loud speaker design;


■ Medical Technology: microwave catheters, microwave hyperthermia devices, ultrasonic and microwave lithotripsy, microwave ablation, Doppler echography, dental appliances, ultrasonic imaging and transducer applications, acoustic transducers, MRI applications, catheters and stents, orthodontic apparatus, structural components for bone applications, bone plates and bone screws;


■ Business Methods: Internet advertising systems, Internet-based targeting and retargeting advertising systems, financial models, web-based methods, analytical modeling, regression analysis methodology, predictive analytics.


 University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, Ohio, J.D.

 ■ Pace University, White Plains, NY, M.S., Computer Science

■ State University of NY, Buffalo, NY, B.S., Electrical Engineering



■ Brinks Gilson & Lione

Husch Blackwell



■ Admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court (N.D. Ill.)

■ Admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Illinois

■ Registered Patent Attorney before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

■ Admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

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