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Electronics, Semiconductors,
& Imaging.

Electronics, Semiconductors, & Optics. 


Klintworth & Rozenblat IP’s Electronics, Semiconductors, & Optics group is ready to serve you. Having experience in the following specific areas of expertise, our attorneys will help you deal with your challenging intellectual property needs.


Specific Areas of Expertise

algorithms; analog circuitry; batteries; broadband communications; control systems; digital circuitry; display technologies; electrical motors; energy storage devices; fuel-cells; imaging techniques and devices; lasers; LEDs; lighting; magnetic resonance; navigation; near-IR light imaging; optics; power generation; radar; RF systems; satellites; semiconductor design; semiconductor fabrication; sonar; spectrophometry; telecommunications; tomography techniques; ultrasonic imaging; welding equipment; wireless communications; X-ray imaging

All-Star Team Members with Experience in Electronics, Semiconductors, & Optics:

Chad C Andereson SQUARE.jpg
Bao Tran SQUARE.jpg

Bao Tran, Esq.

Of Counsel
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