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A patent is more than just a property right granted by a government to an inventor.  A patent is an idea that is often at the core of your business, helping 

it grow and excel, and protecting it from its adversaries. We understand that a patent is often fundamental to the survival of your business, and that

therefore we take preparing and prosecuting patents extremely seriously at Klintworth & Rozenblat IP. 


Since the process of obtaining a patent is adversarial in nature, the attorney

you use to prepare and prosecute your patents is of vital importance.  The attorneys at Klintworth & Rozenblat IP all have "partner-level" experience

having prepared and prosecuted patents for on average approximately 20 years.  Having the right patent attorney can make the difference between owning a patent that can be successfully asserted against competitors and just owning an expensive, but unenforceable patent or worse yet an expensive, but

unenforceablepatent application that never issued into a patent. 


Convincing and successful arguments are only possible if your attorney is not only highly skilled and experienced, but technically competent to discuss each issue arising during patent prosecution.  At Klintworth & Rozenblat IP our attorneys have expertise in nearly every technology, such as Biotechnology 

and Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Energy, Computer Software, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical Devices, and Semiconductors.  Moreover, all of our attorneys have top pedigrees, having worked at some of the most prestigious law firms and corporations in the country.


Many of our attorneys hold doctorates or other advanced degrees in various fields of engineering, as well as in biotechnology, electronics, software, chemistry and other areas.  This depth of education and experience enables us to analyze technical and legal issues efficiently allowing us to present the most persuasive arguments on behalf of our clients to obtain patent protection. Come see how our all-star team can help protect your ideas.


Patent Prep & Prosecution. 

Protecting Ideas. 
At the core of our firm is a robust group of attorneys who have extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications filed to protect your ideas.

All-Star Team Members with Experience in Patent Prep & Prosecution:

Bao Tran SQUARE.jpg

Bao Tran, Esq.

Of Counsel
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