Paul M. McGinley

Master Patent Agent

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Practice Groups & Technologies: Patent Prep & ProsecutionMechanical DevicesMedical Devices


Office: Chicago



Mr. McGinley has over seventeen years of experience in the patent field, focusing his practice primarily on the acquisition of domestic and foreign patent rights in the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts. Mr. McGinley additionally has significant experience managing patent portfolios, developing idea harvesting and submission programs, developing both offensive and defensive patent strategies in the U.S. and abroad, and assisting clients with product design and development. Moreover, Mr. McGinley provides technological advice in support of patentability, validity, freedom-to-operate, infringement/non-infringement analyses, and litigation matters such as expert preparation. 


Mr. McGinley has prosecuted hundreds of patent cases in a vast array of technologies, including: Medical Devices, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment and Associated Control Systems, Renewable and Alternative Fuel Equipment and Processes, Green Technologies, Industrial Automotive Components, Communications, Data-Room Management Equipment, Mobile Electronic Device Applications, Refrigeration Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Micro-Chip Packaging and Transport, Radon Detection, Educational Devices and Software, Shelving and Support Systems, and Business Methods. 


Prior to joining Klintworth and Rozenblat IP, Mr. McGinley was with the law firms of Michael Best & Friedrich and Locke Lord.


Mr. McGinley has represented a wide variety of clients ranging from large fortune 500 companies and high-tech start-ups, to small businesses and individual inventors. Representative clients include the following:


■ Represented an industry leading international power tool company, in technologies such as routers, reciprocating saws, audio devices, accessories, impact drivers, drills, industrial grade vacuums, among others. Representation included domestic and foreign patent prosecution, technological advice and support for freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, patentability and validity opinions, patent review committee involvement and client portfolio management.


■ Represented an industry leading aeronautical corporation, in exemplary technologies such as ultrasonic welding, additive manufacturing, unique methods of handling fuselage components, aeronautical adhesion and practices, unique uses for aeronautical trajectory data, among others. Representation included patent prosecution and technological advice.


■ Represented an industry leader in comestible product processing, handling and forming, in exemplary technologies such as deboning, food product forming, food product slicing, product scanning and profiling, efficient product conveyance, consumer product accuracy, among others.  Representation included extensive domestic and foreign patent prosecution, all aspects of European Opposition proceedings, settlement negotiations, technological advice, establishing patent review committee program, competitor analysis, and support for freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, patentability and validity opinions, extensive patent portfolio management.


■ Represented a premiere medical device company, in exemplary technologies including intravenous equipment, blood pumps and associated safety equipment and control processes. Representation included patent prosecution, and technological advice and support for validity, patentability, and non-infringement opinions.


■ Represented a major industrial automotive equipment manufacturer, in technologies such as brake discs and drums, control systems, bearing assemblies, wheel hubs, and material compositions. Exemplary representation included domestic and foreign patent prosecution, technological advice and support for patentability, freedom-to-operate and non-infringement opinions, and client portfolio management.


■ Represented a premiere agricultural equipment manufacture, in technologies such as grain carts, planters and associated control systems. Representation included domestic and foreign patent prosecution, client portfolio management, technological advice and support for patentability, freedom-to-operate and non-infringement opinions.


■ Represented a cutting-edge green technology startup company successfully securing both private equity funds, and federal and state governmental grants. This innovative company successfully developed technology relating to organism cultivation and carbon dioxide sequestration. Exemplary technologies include photobioreactor, raceway and open pond organism cultivation in a vast array of environments such as phototrophic, aerobic, anaerobic, and anoxic. Representation included developing domestic and foreign patenting strategies, product development and refinement, domestic and foreign patent prosecution, advice and support for patentability, freedom-to-operate, and non-infringement opinions, and patent portfolio management.



US 2014/0190322; US 2014/0096663; US 2012/0067262; WO 2011/103425;

US 2010/0279395; US 9,107,426; US 9,105,971; US 9,050,669; US 8,920,156;

US 8,876,330; US 8,844,796; US 8,166,896; US 7,954,287; US 7,907,402;

US 7,281,769; US 7,207,362; US 7,163,594; US D623,815; US D519,920;

US D479,968


■ University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2001



■ Michael Best & Friedrich

■ Locke Lord


■ Registered Patent Agent before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



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